International trainingscamp in Zakopane, Poland, first 15th- 22nd August, second 23rd - 30th August, promoter Frenky PAWLAK and WKF POLAND 15.08. - 30.08.2020pol
DynamiteFighting Show, 8 Heaviyweight Champions last man standing pyramid, Arenele Romane Bucharest, promoter Florin MINA and Tai Shin do Gym 20.08.2020rou
Team training in Wels, promoter LV. Oberöstereich president Andy HELML and WKF AUSTRIA 22.08.2020aut
WKF AUSTRIA referee seminar WEST, Innsbruck, promoter WKF LV. Tirol, Gerhard CORRADINI 05.09. - 06.09.2020aut
Int. Mikenta Fight Night, top class Thai Boxing, Albertslund, promoter Brian TALAREK and WKF DENMARK 05.09.2020den
19th Night of Glory, ladies European titelfight K-1 Middleweight - 66 Kg / 145 lbs, Annika STAHN/AUT vs. Stefanie REUTER/GER, European title fight Samim SAHIL/AUT vs. James OWORA/HUN, Intercontinental title Zarif SADIQI/AUT vs. Mihai BRATU/ROU, Guggenberger Sporthalle Korneuburg, promoter and WKF LV. Niederösterreich 26.09.2020aut
Österreichische Staatsmeisterschaft, alle Disziplinen, Korneuburg, promoter WKF LV. Niederösterreich und WKF AUSTRIA 26.09.2020aut
Österreichische Meisterschaft Neulinge im Ringsport 0-5 Kämpfe, Guggenberger Sporthalle Korneuburg, promoter WKF LV. NÖ und WKF AUSTRIA 26.09.2020aut
WKF World referee seminar 2020, Cairo, Egypt, promoter WKF head office and WKF EGYPT, Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI 16.10. - 18.10.2020egy
World Championships, all disciplines, Nasr City, Cairo sports stadium, promoter Mohamed DESSOUKI and WKF head office 19.10. - 24.10.2020egy
Festival de artes marciais, Matosinhos, promoter Cesar MOREIRA and WKF PORTUGAL 04.12. - 08.12.2020por
official team match Switzerland vs. Austria, Kickboxing and MMA, Solothurn, promoter Mr. Dutch FARINAS and WKF SWITZERLAND 05.12.2020sui
WKF World title fight in Papua New Guinea, Jeffery DAKA / PNg vs. Greg FOLEY / AUS, and female intercontinental title Jessy Gonapa KAIMA / PNG vs. Alexandra PETRE / AUT, promoter Stanley NANDEX and WKF AUSTRALIA 01.01.2021png
WKF pro World title fight lightweight - 60 Kg / 132 lbs in Calpe, Jose Luis SANCHEZ/ESP vs. Yago BARROS/ESP, in cooperation with GBF, promoter Juan PINILLA and WKF SPAIN 01.01.2021esp
3rd CHARYTATYWNA GALA WKF, International 4 man tournaments, Ladies fights, World title Michal ZAJAC/POL vs. TBA, Mikołowie, promoter WKF POLAND 06.02.2021pol
MMA European open Cup, Juniors and Seniors, Poprad Arena, promoter MAMMAL and WKF EUROPE 22.02. - 27.02.2021svk
Österreichische Staatsmeisterschaft, alle Disziplinen, promoter WKF LV. Burgenland und WKF AUSTRIA 27.03.2021aut
International event, WKF title fighs, Duschanbe, promoter WKF TADSCHIKISTAN and WKF ASIA 08.05.2021tjk
WKF World referee seminar 2021, Spijkenisse, promoter WKF head office and WKF NETHERLANDS, Mr. Sijou VAN DR SPEK 15.10. - 17.10.2021ned
European Championships, Spijkenisse/Rotterdam, promoter WKF Netherlands, Sijou VAN DER SPEK 18.10. - 23.10.2021ned
World Championships in Haikou, Hainan Island, South China, promoter WKF CHINA zone, Mr. Dinan YAN and WKF head office 16.10. - 22.10.2022chn
European Championships, all disciplines, Kharkiv, promoter WKF UKRAINE Mr. Alexey KAZANTSEV and WKF head office 01.01.2023ukr
World Championships,Thionville, all disciplines, promoter WKF FRANCE Mr. Pascal DELFOSSE and WKF head office 01.01.2024fra
European Championships, all disciplines, promoter WKF head office and ... Slovakia ? Czech Republic ? Germany ? 01.01.2025eur
World Championships, all disciplines, promoter WKF head office and ... Australia ? Papua New Guinea ? India ? 01.01.2026wkf
European Championships, all disciplines, promoter WKF head office and ... 01.01.2027eur
World Championships, all disciplines, promoter WKF head office and ... 01.01.2028wkf
European Championships, all disciplines, promoter WKF head office and ... 01.01.2029eur
World Championships, all disciplines, promoter WKF head office and ... 01.01.2030wkf